Nihon Kobudo at Nippon Budokan

img { width:320px; height:auto; margin:5px auto; border:10px solid #fff; } #bye img { width:16px; height:16px; }   ↑This is my first time to enter to Nippon Budokan(日本武道館), and I went there because I got an invitation ticket for watching Nihon Kobudo(日本古武道) from my Japanese language class. I have no idea what is this event like … Continue reading Nihon Kobudo at Nippon Budokan

One coin dinner event 2013/02/04

Yadoya guesthouse Tokyo One coin dinner 2013/02/04Our friend Dave cooked for us! His original recipe!Our guest gave us Sake from Mie prefecture! It was really great taste!Olive oil tasting! Very good olive oil from Portugal, it was interesting to feel it's spicy.Thank you for join us!We are glad to meet everyone.see you next week!