Guests of YADOYA Guesthouse! やどやゲストハウスのお客さん

Thank you for staying with us!Here are some photos of our guest!!やどやゲストハウスのお客さんの写真です!With our volunteer Joe-kun!ボランティアスタッフのジョー君と一緒に!Big backpack! 大きなバックパックです!He came and stayed last year as well! 彼はリピーターさんです!いつもありがとう!Thank you for your staying with us!We hope everyone enjoyed staying Tokyo! Please come see us again!ご滞在ありがとうございました。また東京に来るときは、ぜひ!YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers

One coin Tuesday YADOYA dinner ワンコインディナー先週と今週

Dinner event on Tuesday!恒例の毎週火曜日のワンコインイベント。This week is:[TANUDON CURRY WITH SPECIAL RECIPE]取締役たちが作るニッポンのカレーとマルマルチキン(*英語と日本語のタイトルがめちゃめちゃ違うのは、名づけた人が違うからです。。)詳細は↓ Photos from Last week dinner! 先週のイベントの様子はこちら!Taiwanese Food!! 台湾のご飯!Itdakimasu! いただきます!More and more people came. どんどんと人が増えていきました。Mini Asahi beer got in Life supermarket! ライフでミニビールを買ってきましたよ!Some of them are Japanese, some of them are not. It`s hard to tell.日本人とそうでない人がここにはいますー。 難しいですね。。Thank you for joining us! We had a lot of Fun!来てくれた皆さんありがとうー!Then after, we … Continue reading One coin Tuesday YADOYA dinner ワンコインディナー先週と今週

やどやゲストハウスのお客様 Guests of YADOYA Guesthouse!

久々の更新ですみません やどやゲストハウスのお客さんたちですPhoto`s Our lovely Guests 羊とアルパカ大好き!!UFOキャッチャーでいっぱいとりましたよーShe loves sheep and alpaca Got from UFO catcherカナダから来ましたー!おそろいの帽子が良いですねLook at their cap台湾から来ました!最近、台湾の方のご利用も増えていますが、女の子は美人さんが多いですWe have more Taiwanese guest these days, and many girls are cuteみんなまた遊びに来てくださいね!Please come see us again!!また、更新しますー。We`ll update more photos soon!やどやゲストハウス・フォー・バックパッカーズ

旅行新聞に取り上げられました! YADOYA got into a newspaper!

やどやゲストハウス・フォー・バックパッカーズ、「旅行新聞」に紹介していただきました!タイトルは「バック・トゥー・ザ・パッカー」!中野の街に貢献できるように、これからもがんばってまいります!YADOYA Guesthouse got into a newspaper!It`s about us and also activity of Nakano ward.Now, people in Nakano ward start to have association of tourism. There are lots of interest things in Nakano for tourist who come to Tokyo. So we would like to introduce and have special experience!!We, as YADOYA guesthouse, also will cooperate with … Continue reading 旅行新聞に取り上げられました! YADOYA got into a newspaper!

YADO CAFE: Taiwanese Home Dishes

Hello everyone~ Dinner event for Tuesday again! For this coming Tuesday, we will have a Taiwanese Style dinner party! We have one staff, Alice, who is from Taiwan. (Actually, it's me! I'm Alice!)  My friend and I will prepare many local and delicious dishes what Taiwanese people usually eat. Also, we will teach you some useful Chinese/Taiwanese words, beer games(!?), whatever you want … Continue reading YADO CAFE: Taiwanese Home Dishes

Event for this weekend!

  We just make a list for the event, it's for this weekend! Nakano Champloo (中野チャンプルーフェスタ) Date: (Sat.) July 16th - (Sun.) July 17th Time: July 16th=> 12:00~21:00          July 17th=> 11:00~20:00 Place: Nakano Station North area Uminohi(海の灯) Date: (Sun.) July 17th - (Mon.) July 18th Time: 18:30 ~ 22:00 Place: Odaiba(お台場) beach area Kagurazaka Matsuri(神楽坂まつり) Date: … Continue reading Event for this weekend!

2011 Summer Night Festival experience event!

  This Thursday, July 14th, 2011. There is a culture experience event hold by Association for Nakano International Communications. The fee is 300yen for yukata rental, they will help you to wear it. Yukata is a casual summer kimono in Japan. <<What is yukata?>> You will wear yukata during the event till end, and have … Continue reading 2011 Summer Night Festival experience event!