2011 Summer Event_1
We just make a list for the event, it’s for this weekend!
Nakano Champloo (中野チャンプルーフェスタ)
Date: (Sat.) July 16th – (Sun.) July 17th
Time: July 16th=> 12:00~21:00
         July 17th=> 11:00~20:00
Place: Nakano Station North area
Date: (Sun.) July 17th – (Mon.) July 18th
Time: 18:30 ~ 22:00
Place: Odaiba(お台場) beach area
Kagurazaka Matsuri(神楽坂まつり)
Date: (Fri.) July 22th – (Sat.) July 23th
Time: 19:00~21:00
Access: Iidabashi Station(飯田橋駅) B3 exit by Subway.
or 2 min. by walk from Iidabashi Station(飯田橋駅), JR Sobu Line.

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