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↑This is my first time to enter to Nippon Budokan(日本武道館), and I went there because I got an invitation ticket for watching Nihon Kobudo(日本古武道) from my Japanese language class.
I have no idea what is this event like before I go, and all I know about Nippon Budokan is for concert… Well, I'm glad that I could have the chance to had this experience.


↑I arrived there late, so I only only joined the last part, and I do really enjoyed and as other people, cannot stop shooting photos or videos.



↑I think this is kind of Kendo… I'm really sorry that I don't know what is this name in English, they only showed what the next will be in Japanese, and it's not a general name, it's more detail with a specific name or from the different party.


↑I took this photo, because they were wear Japanese old style armor and fighting.


↑This photo is small, but I hope you still can see it. It's a different weapon, one of the person(right side) has a long stick and with a long chain.


↑And the next second, the chain holds the person's ankle(left side), and down on the ground. It's amazing!!!


↑People in kimono, and fighting…


↑Final part! Japanese's Guns!?


↑The first person was preparing, and all the people were waiting. Suddenly, he shot, and all people were shocked. Then people start to realized it's real!


↑You still can see the smoke from this photo. And I did record as a video as well.



↑Here you are! This video is for the last part, gun shooting.
It was surprised me, because I didn't expect that I will see these things here. From their website, I thought only some weapons like Kendo(wooden stick) or Katana(Samurai sword).


See you next time! Alice

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