New Staff Member! Mussin from Italy.

Hello everyone, my name is Mussin, I'm from Italy and I'm a new member of the Yadoya Guesthouse staff. I say new but I've actually been here for a month already.
It's been a great experience so far. Nakano is a great place that has anything you could need and the fact that it is only 4 minutes away from Shinjuku makes it even a better place to live/work in.  The staff here is very kind and it doesn't feel cold and overly professional like in some other places I've worked at. It really feels more like being part of a family business which I think adds to the experience.
I came to Japan for mainly 2 reasons: attending some events and concerts, and practicing my spoken Japanese since I study this beautiful language in University back in Italy. While looking for a hostel to stay at I found Yadoya and their Volunteer Staff section so I thought I might as well try my luck and guess what… I got lucky enough to get the position! 
I'm having lots of fun and I'm looking forward to spend the next 2 months I have left in Tokyo as a staff member here.

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