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I was planning to visit Nagano last weekend, but it cancelled due to snow… Tokyo was fine, but there were no trains and buses can take at that time, most of flights were cancelled too.
Well, it's hard to say, but have a safe trip is the most important thing for travelers, the only thing I can do is wait till next time! (^o^)/


↑Alright! Today, I want to show you some useful infomation guides!
I found these in our common area at Backpackers Branch, maybe some of our guests doesn't know that we have so many information and travel guides here. So I took a photo of a part of it.
From this photo, you can easily to see, it's a guide of recommendation of what to do. If you don't know what you can do in Tokyo, please come to our common area and check from these guides, I hope it will help you to find something to do and have a good time here in Tokyo. 


I have one of each, and I'm going to check what I haven't done yet! And if I find something interesting, I will let you know later too! Let's adventure in Tokyo! (^o^)b
See you next time! Alice

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