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↑Spring season is coming! Many different of flowers are blossoming now. I took this photo when I was in Ome(青梅), where is about 1 hour away by train from Nakano.



↑It was Ume Matsuri/Festival (吉野梅郷梅まつり) there. Although it's in Ome, but the nearest station wasn't Ome station (青梅駅), it's Hinatawada station (日向和田駅) .


↑Ume(梅), it's plum blossom!


↑All the flowers are on plum trees! I went there early (about 2 weeks ago), and it wasn't full of blossomed.



↑One of our staff, Edita, she went to this place after me, and she told me it was very nice last week.
Actually, I was heard from her, she told me this amazing place the day before I went. I also know it maybe early… But, I don't have time on the week of prettiest time, therefore I have to go 1 week early.



↑You have to pay a entrance fee, which is about 200yen for the Plum Park. And you will get a very nice postcard with full of plum trees. It's more colorful than my photo above.
I have it, but I couldn't copy it as original… Sorry… No postcard photo here.



↑Sakura tree in Momijiyama park (紅葉山公園), which is behind of Nakano Zero Hall. I was with our manager – Mari san, we were on the way back to YADOYA office, and we found some sakura trees are blossoming!



This year, I may not have other time to have a Hanami(except YADOYA's event), but I'm so glad that I could see this Sakura tree blossoming in Nakano. So lucky!
There are some good places to see Sakura trees in Nakano too! One is on Nakano street which is North part of Nakano station, I mean it's about 5-10minutes walk from Nakano station.
Another one is near Higashi-Nakano station, actually it's on the way to Higashi-Nakano station from our longer stay branches. I usually see many people with very good camera, they are shooting trains with Sakura trees. If you are stay in one of our longer stay branches, maybe you will have the chance to see it as well.


See you next time! Alice

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