We had a cellebration for the 13th Anniversary of YADOYA Gueshouse on the 1st of April 2014!

Our old friends, supporter, guests came for our cellebration.

Party food!

YADOYA gueshouse started on the 1st April 2002.
It feels very longtime and also gone very fast at the same time.
It was only for 6people stay when we started, and now around 50people can stay with us at both of Backpackers and Guesthouse. We always try to offer the cheaper price for people who would like to stay in Tokyo with low budget, also support thier stay makes more valuable.
To keep our price low, we tried to do almost everything by ourselves. Carpentery work, Cleaning and laundry everyday, making local information, website with our supporter.
YADOYA Guesthouse is handmade gueshouse with many friend's hands.
That is why we are very glad and very appriciate for this 13th anniversary.

We are not very fancy and stylish, but we keep this warm and handmade style for this 13th year with all our staff  and friends!
Please come and join YADOYA Friends!

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