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My name is Gwyllion Stead and I am a young passionate musician from South Africa. I am doing an 8 month trip though Japan, United Kingdom and Europe.
My first destination is Japan which I have dreamt about coming to for many years and now I am finally here and have been here for little over a month now, it really has been the most incredible experience of my life so far and just keeps getting more and more incredible as each day passes by.
I first traveled down south to Kyoto which was so beautiful, Osaka where I met many amazing people, Himeji where I got to experience the country side which was so peaceful and amazing and now I am in the glorious city of Tokyo where I have already made so many great friends as well as many memories that will last a life time.
Being in Japan is simply inspiring and I shall return in the future after I have left, back to this amazing country so I can experience so much more because in Japan there is never a dull moment.

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