Well once again it is quiet getting emotional as I am getting so close to leaving Japan.

But what is better than to spend such nice quality time with my friends ?
On Friday our new guests offer us Himawari (sun flowers) and I was very happy because they are my favorite flowers

On Saturday evening first I had one of my favorite past time, a lunch with Keiji san, then we went to talk about poetry in the Testsugakudo koen.

Then at night we had a nice office time, with Miho san and Koji san, we laugh a lot, drink a lot and eat together and that was really pleasant

After they left I went first to the park because one of my friend told me the squirrel was extremely creepy and this is true not scary creepy but on steroid creepy
Then I made a beautiful drawing in the park

you have to see it in real it was quiet nice…
I went back in the yadoya common room to eat my cookie bird
Then I went for a walk and that was really nice

I was actually thinking of going to Tokyo bay ehehe but too tired so I head back to the guesthouse
On Sunday I did again my favorite things, like going for a walk in Yoyogi park, 

Then I went to Shibuya where there was a celebration of Bangladesh day and that was really funny
There were dances, deaf tone people singing but it was really good

 The Taiko band was fantastic, and from Fukushima and they are very genki


After the Taiko band a very strange old man sang and he was very genki and scary 
Then I went back to read in Yoyogi park and met also with my sweet new friends

There were clowns everywhere

Then back to have a relaxing evening and bed early

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