It is very funny how you get attach to people, it is getting quiet emotional for me as it is soon the end

I have come to meet so many lovely persons some I can call friends, some are more like family.

For the start of my day I cleaned up the guesthouse, than I went to do my shopping for the dinner ( I have made a very nice chicken and vegetable stew ) starting cutting all the vegetable than go with Mari san to help her friend moving.

Mari san is the Queen of Tetris ehehhe


It was so hot but we had fun helping.

Then after tidy up everything I had to start to cook 

Here the diner

Very nice stew divided in many different pots eheh

Some new guests came, 

That was very sweet

Here is the group picture, with the Yadoya guests, the neighbor who came for a visit, and the Anne-Pierre’s cafe guests


I even had Obasan who came to bring me some flower


aren’t they beautiful!!!

Here in picture the rest of the evening it was great fun like usual, 




Well see you all next week for the next cafe.

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