First on Monday one of our guest (Dave) went to Shinjuku to have himself a very nice Tattoo

That means Spirit ( I like it a lot) 

So on Tuesday I had a lot of people helping in the Kitchen and that was so much fun
First Kenta san who went shopping with me and made all evening very good Takoyaki since he is from Kensai he is an expert 
Then Mari came in the kitchen to prepare her famous miso soup that was also very good 
And Finally our friend Jackie made for us a Taiwanese specialty とっぽぎ

Here what our table of food look like 
two kind of Cantonese rice one with chicken one with bacon some salad the takoyaki and later the とっぽぎ

I really believe that everyone had a lot of fun and enjoy the food a lot 

 lovely food 

 lovely people 
Even the guests from my first cafe came back that was such a nice surprise 
Here some of the good moments 
Kenta and Jackie with their gifts for helping 

 New customer and old one enjoying the evening 

Kenji kun also was for the first time able to join us 
 Now our sweet old lady guests that came back 
Everyone had so much fun I can’t wait for the next one 

Well that is it I hope to see you all for the two next cafe take care…..

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