Well here is a preview of the great time I had this week meeting new friends, showing them my favorite place in Tokyo and just enjoying each other company 

But first look how cute are the single installation for coffee 
isn’t it really cool ?!
Now a little frangrish found on a school book  
 it is only funny for French sorry  
On Thursday night Yoshiaki san brought us a very lovely diner that Catherine and I really did enjoyed, Sushi…
Then we all party together with all our lovely guests 
Like you see they are all making the Onigiri shape so sweet memorie 
We had on Friday the visit from Keiji san and a new guest Yuuki san with who we had a nice tea time 

Here is a nice group picture with the guests and staff at the Yadoya guesthouse 
On Saturday I took the guests with me and introduce them to tetsugakudo koen 

It was such a nice morning in the park 
Then Mari san came and gave me the cutest cake 
 I am about to eat a smiley face eheh 
We had diner with the Yadoya crew and the guests his wife has cook a beautiful amazing hand made dumpling..
On Sunday I went to Yoyogi park then to Shibuya where there was the Tokyo Eco day 
 sponsor by the TV station NHK I am so good at advertising ehhe…
recycling paper statues
fantastic people are paddling to make work the train and the bubble system
Very cool Japanese band

Bouncy castle ?!ehehhe
And finally I went to read next to the Yoyogi drummer because I really like them they are so good 
Two men in Kilt came to join them for a little while was good 
Well that was pretty much my week talk to you all soon 

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