Well after spending my Monday and Tuesday gardening my arms and legs muscles are insulting me in every languages ehehhe but it was a great exercise and working outdoor is always great fun.

These are the pictures of all the bags I have manually feed with grass, branches and the garden all beautiful 
Monday night I went to eat for the first time Soba and that was really nice mostly because the company was fantastic 
Starter with nice beers

Very nice frozen Sake

Great friends Aki san, Mari san Koji san

Thank you so much it was a very nice diner and really enjoy every second of it.
So Tuesday after finishing the garden I went to do the cafe’s shopping, and oh what a shame could not find tortillas so instead I have made a Pasta with sauce and vegetables and chicken, a pasta salad with tuna vegetables and lemon. A potato stew with vegetable and bacon.
Yumi san brought some very nice Sake from her region
I like a lot the one on the right 
So many people came, new friends, the usual and it was a very nice way to say goodbye

Gabrielle was going back in Australia with her sheep collection

congratulation Victor got a new job

My little ototo don’t forget your homework
Well I have to admit that sobriety was not invited so we did had such a great time everybody.
I will miss all of them so much, but it is OK Japan just be patient and wait for me I will be back very soon…

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