Yo there! How's it going? I'm still in Tokyo and still enjoying the wonders of this amazing place.
Starting off with the beautiful Nakano. I love Nakano.

Went to Shinjuku for some ramen. Not the best one I had but definitely above average! The restaurant is in the same building as the Shinjuku Wald9 theatre.

On to some delicious choco-parfait. Isn't it amazing when you order something and it looks exactly like the picture on the menu? I don't know about other countries but in Italy it rarely happens. Heh.

Gundam hijack. This is in Odaiba in front of the huge shopping mall Zepp DiverCity Tokyo. 

This wouldn't be a post about fun and food if it didn't have at least one Izakaya picture. I still remember this night as I had to run to the station to catch the last train.

Udon at a restaurant in Akihabara UDX. Ordered the small portion but still got a pretty decent sized meal.

Random Shibuya picture because why not? Shibuya is my second favourite district in Tokyo after Shinjuku.

Katsu-curry for dinner at the best curry restaurant I've ever been to. Curry Manten in Jinbocho. You get some massive portions for pretty much the same price as any other curry restaurant. A+++

And last but not least, lunch at one of the cheapest chain restaurants in Tokyo. Hidakaya. I heard mixed opinions about the quality of the food but when I went everything was delicious (and cheap!).


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