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I went to a Kimono event at New Otani Hotel, this hotel is amazing big like a department store! I was walked from Akasakamitsuke station(赤坂見附駅) to this hotel, and the security man told me that lobby is on 6F, I confirmed again with him, and he told me the same thing… Well, I was really surprise on it, 6F.
Many people in Kimono, either in a pretty dress, they probably for wedding party( I think… )
On the way to the Main Building, there are many shops, and I feel like walk through the shopping street at airport.
Finally, I found the Kimono event room, and people were in Kimono.



↑Pretty Embroidery Obi!
*Obi is like a belt for wearing kimono.



↑Just try it on, even it's not a kimono yet, they still can make it on your body, and looks like it's a kimono already.



↑Homongi(訪問着), it's a "visiting wear", same as "Furisode(振袖)". Now women wear it to attend a tea ceremony or for wedding.



↑Same, still Homongi(訪問着), but different style as previous photo.



↑Dyeing by Chinese Herbology(漢方薬). 7
I tried this kimono on, because I do like the color of the obi, and I need a kimono to try this on.


All the kimono in the event room are too expensive for me, I only can try and see it, cannot buy it…
Anyway, I had a good time there, even I cannot buy anything, just have a look… And, I hope I will have a chance to buy my own kimono one day in the future. It's a dream now, and hope it will comes true.


See you next time! Alice

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