Karaoke Night in Nakano~

 Last Thursday my japanese friends asked me to go to have a spontaneous karaoke night with them. Sure I agreed, because I really love japanese Karaoke!

So we met a few minutes later at Nakano station and went to the next Karaoke bar.
A nice girl told us that the cheapest one is on the south side of Nakano station, opposite to MC-Donalds.
It’s the same building as the Family Market, in one of the upper floors.

The Elevator has a big window, so you can enjoy a nice view while using it!

We arrived at about 10pm, so we paid 2x half an hour.
And then from 11pm to 5am we got a flat rate for 2500yen per person, where you can add all-you-can-drink for another 1000yen.

So we stayed the whole night and had a lot of fun!
I know a few more japanese songs now, but they also have a lot of foreign songs at choice.
I even sang two german songs! (Nena – 99 Luftballons & Tokio Hotel – Durch den Monsun /I must admit, they don’t have the best variety of german songs )

Japanese karaoke is a little different from western Karaoke, since you’re booking a private room for you and your friends. There’s no stage and no stranger can listen to you.

So pick up some friends and enjoy a great night in japanese style!


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