I’m so glad that I visited Aizu Wakamatsu recently! Originally, I just want to visit the Japanese castle – Aizu Wakamatsu Castle, but everyone suggested me to visit there in the cherry blossom season. 

Aizu Wakamatsu is in Fukushima, which is a Prefecture of Japan located in Tohoku Region. There are many ways can go to there, but I choose the easier one, JR Highway Bus.

There is a bus departure from Shinjuku Bus Terminal to Aizu Wakamatsu, many buses running in a day. If possible, please reserve the seat as earlier as you can, then you probably can get a very good price of the ticket.

I did reserve the ticket late, the first time when I was on their website, it was 12:58. After I decided to make a reservation, it shows, please try again during the office hours(5:00AM-1:00AM). Yes, I have to book it after they open the system, and I did my booking on the other day after I woke up.

Traveling by bus is not so comfortable actually, but it’s really convenient. Bus stoped twice for a short break, can get off the bus for toilet or buy something.

↑I took this photo when I was on the bus, I don’t remember where is was, but I’m sure it’s pretty close to the place where I was on the way to.

↑Finally, I arrived Aizu Wakamatsu!

↑A symbol of Aizu, can always see this in a mini version at souvenir shop.

↑Drama Hall for Yae no Sakura. This hall only available till January 14th, 2014(1 year only). 500yen for the ticket, but if reserve via convenience store, they will give you a small gift.

↑Oyakuen(御薬園), a Japanese style garden, very nice place to have a walk there. They also provide some herb tea at the exit area, you can have a taste of many different flavor of tea.

↑Tea house

↑My Matcha Set with very nice view!

↑After a nice walk, I had a great dinner! It’s a horse meat sashimi & sushi. I also ordered a Japanese sake and some other small dishes. I was so full after this dinner.

↑Night view of the castle with Sakura! It was so beautiful with light up.

↑Ohhh, my purpose here of my thip – Castle!

↑The other day, I walked around the area which is near the hotel where I stayed last night. I found this statue. His is the person on the money of thousand yen.

↑Sign of Koban(police office)

↑My lunch! I was visit a very popular restaurant and it was full around noon time. I’m so happy that I could had my lunch at this restaurant, even it was 11:30(earlier than my lunch time).

↑Day time with Sakura. Full of Sakura, looks so great!

↑My castle again! Now with a little one in front of the big one.

↑A teller, she was telling us a story of the lady, Yae.

↑A museum of Shinsengumi.

I took lots of photos from the trip. People were so nice and friendly, food is good, and it’s a quiet place. I had a great time there.

By the way, Japanese Sake is very famous there, please try it if you have the chance. I also brought 2 bottles back to Tokyo, it was heavy but it’s ok! 😀


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