Last week I have a whole three days off work in a row. Wow, how would I fill the gapping void in my new life here in Tokyo?  With a cycle trip to Mt. Fuji of course!  Riding out one day, having a days ‘rest’
sightseeing and then riding home on the third day, the whole trip was
easily the best thing I’ve done while being in Japan and I’m still
buzzing from it days later.

I was so lucky to have perfect weather for three days, and the views along the way were breath taking.

Here is something I wrote for my personal blog after the first days ride:

I have been in Japan for just over two weeks now.

I’ve travelled from city to city through the mountains. I’ve sat in an
onsen taking in the alpine view. I’ve been up skyscrapers, wandered
through the most peaceful parks and cemeteries you could find in any
city and wondered at shrines, temples and walls of sake bottles. I’ve
made great friends from all over the world and had unforgettable times
with all of them. I’ve Tried new food every day, some good, some, not
to my taste. I’ve done karaoke. Twice.

But today has been the best day…

Today I cycled out of the largest city in the world and into the
mountains, every square inch of which is seemingly covered in forest.
As someone coming from a country which has been widely deforested this
is startlingly beautiful and completely disarming, like seeing the world
as it was ment to be for the first time. Today I saw mountains and
ravines, I saw bumble bees and eagles riding thermals, I saw ancient
bridges, cherry blossom, waterfalls and a lot of road. Today I saw Mt.
Fuji from 50 miles away and ended the day watching the dying light
blooming on its flank from my hostel window. Today I reached an all too
familiar place where you’re so tired you feel like lying down by the
side of the road and sleeping for days, and I didn’t care.

Today I did something I felt was truly worth while, and felt the
happiest I have done in a long time, and all I wanted to do was tell
people all about it.

This is how we should all feel every day. Just a little bit at least.

Here’s to more todays.

…and that was just the first day!  The next day I cycled around lake Kawaguchi, went half way up Mt. Fuji and then hiked up into the surrounding mountains until it was too dark to go any further.  And the ride home on day three was even better!  If there are any cycle tourers reading and you’re cosidering a trip to Japan, please please put route 413 from lake Yamanaka to Mikage to the top of your list. 

And if you’re not interested in pedaling there, you can make it there and back in a (long) day on the train from Tokyo.  If the weather is kind you’ll see this:


I stayed two nights at Kawaguchi-ko at two different hostels. K’s House Hostel is highly recommended for the excellent facilities and spacious accomodation but special mention has to go to Den’s Inn for the warm hospitality and Fantastic views.  On a clear day you can see Fuji San from the bedroom window, and the above photo was taken two minutes walk down the road.

See you soon, John.

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