1/24 HAPPY Dragon New Year party!

 Dear All We have one coin dinner event every Tuesday! This Tuesday is ↓台灣農曆新年台湾でのお正月    Dragon New Year Party In Taiwan, we put red papers on the walls and doors. This  brings good luck. I also wrote it  for celebrating New Year.元旦(1月23日)に書いた 春聯(しゅんれん)。それは赤い紙に各種縁起のいい句を書き、家の入口などに貼る紙です。好運をYADOYAに招こう!大年初一寫了春聯♪ 祝大家年年好運!!Tangerines , rice cake and watermelon seeds are the must eat foods during the New Year time. 新年に欠かせない食べ物三品:もち(出世する)、みかん(吉)と色々な味つきの種(スイカやカボチャやひまわりの種は人気おやつです)過年必備三品:年糕、橘子、瓜子In … Continue reading 1/24 HAPPY Dragon New Year party!