Hi everyone!
Can you believe that we have less than a month this year?! How time flies!
What is the most amazing memory for you this year? Did you try something new this year? I came back to Japan in the end of may and started to work here with sweet coworkers. In the summer time, I did internship in the insurance company and I visited the U.S. to see my friends. After the wonderful summer vacation, I went back to school…  This year went by so fast!

It’s getting cold recently,but Yadoya guest house is always full of warm atmosphere.
People staying here are really nice and heartwarming:)

The other day, I went to the mall, Ikspiali which is close to Tokyo Disney Land with my friend. We enjoyed shopping and seeing illumination.Look at this photo!
The Christmas tree is huge and brilliant!
If any of you haven’t seen any illumination in Tokyo, You should go somewhere while you are staying here!

I made an Origami crane with our guests from England today.
They look really happy:)

If you are interested in making origami, let me know! I’ll show you how to make Origami crane or tanu-don.

In the afternoon, we had a tea ceremony to celebrate our guest’s birthday. He is from Thailand and became 61 today. After the tea ceremony, he did special ceremony for us.
Every time I come here, I get to know many amazing people. I sometimes forget I’m in Japan because most of the guests here are foreigners, and here, Yadoya guesthouse is a place of mixture of many cultures. Well, I’m really glad to work here:)

I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!
Sweet dreams, everyone!


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