We do have a dinner party every Tuesday, 500yen for each person, and bring your own drinks with you! And, this week, we had a Halloween Party as our dinner party. We called, Happy Halloween – Pumpkin Party! Of course, almost all the dishes mainly made by pumpkin!

 YADOYA Guesthouse’s manager, Mari, who bought a lot of pumpkin for this dinner party event! We decorated pumpkins with the characters which I bought from Tokyo Disneyland. Yes, I went to there, if you are interested in Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Event, please check the link as below:
<<Halloween Event in Tokyo Disneyland!>>

 From this photo, you can see Aki and Kenji, they were really busy for preparing… They empty those pumpkins!

 Now, you can understand why they did empty those pumpkin right?

 All the dishes are ready, and put on the table! Here are Pumpkin Salad and Pumpkin Soup.

 This photo is Pumpkin with meat…

 It’s Halloween party, so we prepared lots of things for fun! You can see from this photo, that what we have!

 Can you guess, who is she? I think, she doesn’t know that I put her photo here… I mean, she doesn’t mind her photo here actually, just care about with this special outfit…

Ok! She is our manager, this event’s chef, Mari! (Don’t tell her, that I put this photo here if you know Mari…XD)

 This time, not too crowded as before… But I think, it’s the best number of guests for our dinner party! Enough space and enough food, it’s good!

 Happy Halloween!
Thank you all joined our dinner party this Tuesday! Hope, all of you were really enjoy our pumpkin food, and fun time! Hope to see you all again!


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