Today, I want to share with you about the Halloween event in Tokyo Disneyland! If you’ve read our staff blog before, I think some of you already know, that I went to there with our volunteer staff, Miho, in July. It was for Tanabata event. <<Tanabata in Tokyo Disneyland!>>

 This time, still went to there with Miho. It’s for Halloween Event! They have many decorations only for this event, also some special design souvenirs! We arrived there around 10AM, same as last time…

 OK! I’m going to tell you what we did there. First, we were go around outside of the park, there is one Disney Hotel located there, which is very close to Tokyo Disneyland. (They have few hotels in that area.) And, I heard about they have hotel’s own special souvenirs at the shop in the hotel. That’s why we went to there to check what they have… Well, they currently have some special goods! Just not my style, so I didn’t buy any from the hotel’s shop.

 This is Tokyo Disneyland Station. You can take a special train which with all Mickey’s shape on the window and some cute decorations inside of the train  to Tokyo Disney Sea Park, or to other Disney Hotel. Not only train, they do have special shuttle bus with same style decorations as well!

 This is inside of Tokyo Disneyland, kind of entrance! All the decorations are for Halloween!

 Me, in the goods shop. This hat is a special one for Halloween event. There are 2 sides can wear! So cute!

 I think this one is the main decoration in Tokyo Disneyland! Just in front of the castle. Don’t need to worry you cannot find it, because always lots of people taking pictures there!

 This one just near by the main one!

 The main Parade, Disney Halloween Street – Welcome to Spookyville. They have a special song for Halloween, also they teach you how to dance, well, kind of dance, they teach you how to interacting with other Disney’s characters.

 YES! Mickey here!

 Other facility also with Halloween decorations!

 Another show for kids! They danced with kids, and had a play.

In front of Minnie’s house!

In front of Mickey’s house!

Picture with Mickey in Mickey’s house!

 Above are the pictures of night show, amazing pretty! But, be careful, it’s cold… Should have enough clothes with you, or you can buy the cute blanket from goods shop too!

 This is another special thing in Tokyo Disneyland! You only can get this stamp after you send the post card. Don’t get the meaning!? OK, see next picture!

 There is one special mail box outside of the shop. All you have to do is buy a post card and stamp, 50yen for Japan only, 70yen for overseas. Then, write something on your card, put into this mail box. After they pick up your card, they will do the stamp for you!

 So, if you would like to get this special souvenir, you should try to send one post card to yourself!

 It’s my adventure in Tokyo Disneyland! From 10AM to 10PM… again… Yep! So tired, but got lots of fun!

 By the way, I took this photo from the goods shop, which is very near the JR station(outside of Tokyo Disneyland). I put this photo here, because they have another event in Tokyo Disney Sea Park, 10 anniversary event, now! If you have more time stay in Tokyo, maybe you can go to Tokyo Disney Sea Park! They have Sea park only goods too!


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