This coming Tuesday, August 16th, we will have a dinner party, Yado Cafe, as usual. For this week, we will have Temaki Party. Temaki is Japanese Food, which is one kind of sushi.
Temaki Party_Aug_2011

 We hope it will be a special experience for you! We will prepare many kinds of things, then you can make your own temaki by yourself!
Actually, We did this party before in June. If you are interested on it, please check our links as below!

Date: August 16th, 2011
Time: 18:30~22:00 (Open House Style)
Place: YADOYA Guesthouse Office
Fee: 500yen / each person
**The fee only for food, please bring your own drinks with you!

Right! One more thing is, that we offer ONE FREE DRINK coupon for our guest, who join our dinner party! The coupon is for one coin bar, Nakano-No-Komachi(中野小町), which is very near. Just 1-2min(s). walk from our office!

Another event for this Wednesday, August 17th, is a half day trip to Yokohama(横浜).
Fireworks in Yokohama

Two of our staff(include in me!) are planning to go to Yokohama for Fireworks show. The show will start from 19:00. But we will leave Nakano around 11:45AM. If you are interested on fireworks show, or never have the experience of watch the fireworks in Japan, then you must to join us!

If you want to join, please wait in the office on Wednesday around 11:30AM. Don’t be late! Then we can catch the train more earlier!

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