typhoon coming to Tokyo

hello.i am seiko.how are you going?こんにちはー!聖子です。お元気ですカー?today is end of august...so tyhoon coming to tokyo.it usually coming every year.after that become cold.if you want to come to japan or go to some country from japan...take care by your self :)今日で八月も終わり。台風が接近中です。毎年この時期になると台風が来て、過ぎ去った後には少し肌寒くなり秋到来。もし、日本に来たい方、日本からどこかへ行く方、お気をつけて:)well,yesterday i foget take my room key.so i didnot go in side;△;then out side is raining...it was to … Continue reading typhoon coming to Tokyo