Hi friends!  Well, my friend Heike was just here and we went to Kappabashi among other places...  It was fun!  We played 'spot the kappa' and I spotted 10!  Here's a few...1) GOLD Kappa!2) Kappa in <3 looking at Sky Tree!3) The kappa is on the right 😛 4) Lots of plastic food for sale!5) Heike … Continue reading KAPPA!!

Must check Cap&Hat shop “Mocopoco” in Nakano!! 中野の帽子屋さん”モコぽコ”

There are lots of interesting shops and restaurant in NakanoMany of our guests are surprised when they walk around Nakano since they find out it`s very interesting here even if Nakano is not famous as tourist spot中野には面白いお店や食べ物やさんがいっぱいありますやどやゲストハウスに泊まるお客さんの多くが、滞在中に中野の街を歩いて、こんなに面白い場所なんだ!と驚いていますThere is one place we really recommend: Had and cap shop "Mocopoco".帽子屋さん”モコぽコ”もお勧めのお店のひとつ There are a lots of kind of … Continue reading Must check Cap&Hat shop “Mocopoco” in Nakano!! 中野の帽子屋さん”モコぽコ”