Hello everyone~

We changed our Tuesday Dinner Party’s name from Anne-Pierre Cafe to YADO Cafe. If we have special event(special dish), then will put the name after our title, like today’s!

Last week, we had a Temaki Party. It was really nice, because we all learned how to make it more pretty! Also, the food is fresh and so good! Thanks to our staff, Kenji. He prepared all the things for us.

Look! So many people came and join us! They are our guests, friends, and neighbors. We had a very good time to dinner together.

Wanna join!? Here you go! It’s  for the this coming Tuesday night!
YADO Cafe: Japanese Mama’s Dish

We will prepare some dishes what  we usually cook at home. If you would like to know what we will have, then just come to join us!

Date: July 5th, 2011
Time: 18:30~22:00 (Open House Style)
Place: YADOYA Guesthouse Office
Fee: 500yen / each person
**The fee only for food, please bring your own drinks with you!
Japanese Mamas Dish

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