First day at Yadoya!

Hello all,

My name is Luke Hipsher.  Just arrived in Tokyo yesterday!  もわっとしたてんきよ! 


This time, I am doing an internship at the Japan Forum on International Relations and taking a language program for a couple weeks.  Hope to be able to write complete messages like this in 日本語だけ after that…

Anyways, despite some misgivings about my Japanese understanding, I am happy to be volunteering here at Yadoya :-D. 

I met all of the Yadoya clan today over bento.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  After, I went to the Suzushiro branches with Rin-san.  We vacuumed and took out ごみ.  It was fun :-P.  Then we came back home. 

Sorry no pictures :-/.  Will write again soon and post many! 


Luke Hipsher

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