My day as a movie extra in Nakano sunPlaza bowling

 Thanks to Mari san I was given the opportunity to participate as a movie extra. 

The movie is about a Chinese guy who moves to Tokyo and what happens to him.

If I remember the title will be Tokyo Nikita ima. ( the Chinese actor told me next year he is turning in France )

There were famous actors 2 from China, and 4 from Japan plus the stunt men…( no matter how famous they are I don’t know any of them eheh)

So I arrived pretty early and the irony for those who knows me is I was an extra as a person playing bowling (Andrea if you dare laughing I’ll bite you)

Here was my bowling partner who is a traditional Japanese dancer 

 He was so nice as he always listen to what has to be done then translate it for me. 

Everyone was just adorable and I had so much fun, by being a smoker I had to opportunity to talk to them for quiet a long time 

After bowling and retaking through many angles they offer us lunch 

In the afternoon we change close then they turn all afternoon it was so amazing to see how fast they move, the coordination with everyone I really loved it. 

 the movie director on the right

 Me and the Chinese Actor

  The Japanese actor and one of the stuntman


I had such a wonderful day, everyone was so sweet, I absolu
tely loved it.

Thank you for such a great experience

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