My weekend in Nakano-ku

 First on Friday we celebrate the dear Alice Birthday at the office 

And after I met with Miho and we spend our evening at the park 

The Saturday morning I got up and went for a park 

 I had such a nice walk 

Then I went to the Shrine 

Then I went back to have a quiet evening and watch the Eurovision eheheh 

Then I walk up quiet early on Sunday and decided to go back to my favorite park with my book ( I am reading Spiral from Koji Suzuki) because I already finish all my books from Arnaldur Indridason

The sky was falling quiet badly black but I stay read 

And also I spend my afternoon with such a special boy that it was ok to stay with him 

After I went to my second favorite place to proceed with my reading 

say hello to the spirit eheh 

 And then it is time to go 

it start pouring rain as I was making my way back here to meet with my friend Chika, so I came back socking wet but it fell good somehow.

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