Hello everyone, it’s Alice~

Yesterday was my birthday, I had a very good time with YADOYA’s friends! They prepared a cake, card, gift, and flowers! So nice! We did a photo as below, with YADOYA staffs and guests! Thank you all, I love you!
20110520 Alices Birthday

Also, I want to show you some pictures of our guests today! After earthquake, we got many canceled, but those people still came and visited Japan, enjoyed their time in Tokyo!

The first one I want to show is a couple! The girl from Japan, the guy from France! It’s their first time to visit Tokyo!

The second one still a couple! They are from Australia! Came to Japan just for their holiday! Also, they bought our Tanudon T-shirt for their friend! They are so cute!

The last one is three friends, they are from Denmark and Norway. From their happy face, I’m sure they had a really good time in Tokyo!

Look our cute guests! They all had a great time in Tokyo! If you would like to come, then just do it! Tokyo is fine, people are still nice and friendly, just the weather is getting hot…

Anyway, I hope all of you can enjoy your stay in Tokyo! No matter the hot weather or others… Cheers~

Alice / YADOYA Guesthouse

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