I woke up and had a very nice breakfast and then we drove to go climbing a mountain 1600 meter youhou 

start line 
beautiful scenery 
 very nice light effect
Just a tip if it is the first time you climb a mountain and you find it a bit painful just do like me and have a wee stop as ofter as you want by taking a lot of pictures eheh 
1600 meter later here we are at the top ( I was the first one)  
The shrine was very nice but the view was quiet sad 
There is not much left of all the towns bellow
For those who grew up here and just discover the view are chock.
We took some pictures of our crew, had some tea then head back down before saying goodbye to our lovely hosts.
We took the left road through the deep forest 
Now the part 2 of the day was to start and that was the emotionally harder.
I don’t think the picture needs comments….
 So many history swept away by the sea…

After so much desolation we decided to move as my guide wanted to show me the lively part of the amazing Fukushima prefecture. So I can show it to you and you can come back as tourist here.

Fukushima is the southernmost prefecture of T?hoku region, and the closest to Tokyo. It is divided by mountain ranges into three regions called (from west to east) AizuNakad?ri, and Hamad?ri.

The coastal Hamad?ri region lies on the Pacific Ocean and is the flattest and most temperate region, while the Nakad?ri region is the agricultural heart of the prefecture and contains the capital, Fukushima City. The mountainous Aizu region has scenic lakes, lush forests, and snowy winters.

We went to have Ramen for lunch in a very nice restaurant at Abukuma keikoku prefectural natural park

They make a beautiful Ramen 

Great comfort 
and a amazing view…
After lunch we drove up the Bandai sama to go camping next to the Fukushima forth biggest lake Inawashiro lake.
We set camp, make a beautiful fire and just relax at this stunning place 
Well that was my second day in Fukushima prefecture. 

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