First we woke up on the beautiful view of the rainy lake  

We first drove and on our way to Ouchi-juku we stop by Aizuwakamatsu where we could see the amazing 14 th biggest statue on ear of Jibo Dai Kannon she is 57m (187 ft) and absolutely beautiful 

Jibo literally means “loving mother” and therefore the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy is depicted with a child in her arms. In Japan, the Kannon’s three female forms are meant to depict child giving, mothering in general and being a loving mother. She is the patron saint of motherhood, easy delivery and child-rearing.

Visitors can go inside the 57 m-tall statue or enjoy the enormous Japanese garden with a 14-m Reclining Buddha. 

Well it is foggy but she is really nice 

Then we drove for ?uchi-juku 
view from the road

?uchi-juku was an important post town whose buildings served as shops, inns and restaurants for travelers it is still very traditional and beautiful 
The village view from the top 
Me and my future husband ehehe (just kidding) 
 isn’t he awsome…. 
There is something for you men too she is really pretty miss Fukushima…? 
Some decoration at the entrance of the town 
After such a nice town we left for the Nikko and Oze National park.
This restaurant does amazing handmade Soba noodles 
Here is the statue of the swimming pool with natural hot water from the mountain 
 woouldn’t you like to swim there ? I know I would eheh 
After lunch we wanted to go higher but the road was close due to big snow 
a lot of snow
Hotel hiding in snow

My snow man eheh 
So we went back down the mountain 
and then we went to visit a traditional outdoor theater 
a scissor shrine 
The toilets are really nice too (outside) after like I say already 2 years ago, I believe that Japanese traditional toilets are worst than the Turkish one eheh 
For women 
For men 
The building 
 The infamous toilets 
The theater is just really fantastic I would love to assist to one play
The stage 
The seats 
The actors (not very communicative eheh) 
 very nice statue 
a fountain of natural hot spring (it is really hot) 
That was nearly what conclude my trip to Fukushima prefecture just a few more stop for taking pictures than it was time to head to Nagano prefecture.
 Sayonara Fukushima 
I want to thanks all the people that make it possible for me, also all the people that welcome me so warmly…
Watashi wa hont?ni anata-tachi ga suki thank you 

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