My first stop was for a really nice walk at 06H00 am at Hanamiyama Koen who is just beautiful 

Isn’t it really nice all those colors 
Early in the morning it is so nice 
The view from the top of the park  I have to admit walking that early in the beginning was quiet painful for me  but I did it and it was so worth it 
 isn’t it really splendid 
Park entrance 
I found a friend for Tanoudon who is the mascot of the Yadoya guesthouse 
Well that was the first hours of my introduction with Fukushima prefecture and I loved it 
Then we left for Soma city where we had breakfast at the house of a real hero 
Doctor Kumakawa who worked 24 hours a day at the Soma hospital after the disaster he says the kindest thing ever during our diner together < when he knew that his wife was safe at their son’s house (witch took her 9 hours due to the road problems) he had no problem just to keep his focus and work non stop. ( perfect gentle hero) 
Doctor Kumakawa is in the middle on his right stand his very nice wife on his left his cousin 
Then we left to Soma port where a lot of damages happened.
I have to tell you that to see and take picture was very hard for me and seeing them again was really difficult mostly the one from my second day 
Soma town
so much destruction
Boat on land
The famous piece of land and line of pine tree are gone
More desolation …
After Soma we decided to follow the sea side
Town missing
Road broken
a man watching the missing road…
What is left of a house
 then we reach an other
Kumakawa relative who is the head of the Samurai and react every year the Soma-no-maoi by riding horses and reacting samurai fights.
Once again we were so warmly welcome and had very nice coffee and sweets in the very traditional Japanese style house.
They allow me to have my picture taken next to the frame of the past samurai events 

After we head back to Soma, we split as the family had to attend the funeral of one of their cousin that was killed by the Tsunamy.

So during that time Hideko san took me to the Soma horse shrine build by the Kumakawa ancestors.
The entrance

 the horse with the symbol of Soma

Collect of food, clothe and money for the refugees of the tsunami.


 my beautiful guide Hideko san

 the horse stairs ramp


Nice bridge
The status of the wise samurail that save 600 villages.

To close the day we join with the rest of the group and went to diner and that was so nice and pleasant.
lots of very nice people

very nice diner

Then after Diner just a last relaxing time before a well deserve sleep.

Well that was my first introduction to Fukushima I want to thanks the people who make me feel like a part of their family and share with me so much kindness and will to resume life as normal in such tragedy. 

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