For being clear before everybody start to freak out about where I went, Fukushima prefecture is an amazing prefecture that is 13 782,75 km² so you see there is a lot of space and the closer I was to the nuclear plant might have been 50 km. ( so now it is told)Laughing

I had the opportunity to go be invited to go to Fukushima by experts of the prefecture to show you how in need Japan is, but also that Fukushima is a real big prefecture with sooo many beautiful places to visit and many festival to come  The only thing missing unfortunately even during the golden week are the Tourist not only the Gaijin but also the Japanese. 
Sure they are places that are taking your heart away because there is nothing anymore, and the feeling of desolation is quiet violent but besides that they are tonnes of Km safe and that badly need to go back to their feet some people dare saying that they need time to rebuilt that they don’t need the tourism, but after have spend 3 days up there I was really well welcome and Japanese were happy to see me.
I will show you the best I can the hard part as well as the very beautiful and happy moment of my trip. Please follow 
Beautiful park 
and all that make Fukushima so special 

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