On the way to Higashi-Nakano Station
Nice weather these days!
I went to see the cherry blossom in many places. In the beginning, on the way from my room to the Higashi-Nakano Station. (I stay in one of YADOYA Guesthouse’s branch, which located between Nakano Station and Higashi-Nakano Station.) It’s pretty, isn’t it!?
Actually, many people love to take the train’s picture, it’s kind of best place for that! In this season, too! Not only trains, it plus sakura trees.
For Hanami, one of the most famous place in Tokyo is Ueno Park(上野公園)! From Ueno Station(上野駅), just 5-10 min.(depends on which exit you use) walk. Compare with last sakura season(2010), it’s not so much people there for hanami this year. It’s good for me, because last year, there were too much! You cannot walk to somewhere you want, only thing you can do is just follow the people.
Ueno Park
I saw many people, they have a walk in this huge park, chatting, take a picture, and have a rest under the sakura trees. And, you can see some companies or groups, they still holds the hanami party there!
Still some people do Hanami Party
After Ueno Park, I had a lunch in Roppongi. It’s a very cool place for me!
They have one store in Ueno Station, but I with my friend, we could’t find it, we just take a train to go to another one, which is in Roppongi area. 
(I’ll introduce this restaurant later.)
Due to ate too much food for lunch! Need some walk…
So, we walked to Tokyo Tower!
After earthquake on 11th, April. I heard, something broken in Tokyo Tower. When I see the Tower, I understand noW! Just the top of this tower, a little bit curve… It’s almost nothing damage in this tower… They open as usual! Also the observatory part! 
Tokyo Tower
The other day, I went to Inokashira Park(井の頭公園)! Another famous place for Hanami in Tokyo. This park is near Kichijoji Station(吉祥寺駅), should be only 3min. from the station.
There is a big pond in the park. They have small boats, you can rent there, and enjoy this beautiful place!
Inokashira Park
All the cherry blossom trees are around of this pond, very nice and quiet. If you don’t want to have a experience with small boat, you can sit on the floor around the pond. They have some benches, but for special event, it’s not enough actually…
People row the boats
Oh, one more thing! If you don’t mind to be in the crowded place, I recommend you go there in the weekend! They have a holiday market in the park, also some buskers. Very interested! Different types parks, both of them are very nice! Should go there one time!
Alice / YADOYA Guesthouse

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