I have been very nicely busy those last few days  with a lot of good things,

like the Hanami party on Sunday, the restoration of a beautiful garden of the branch B, the cafe Anne-Pierre and more physical work 
The Hanami was wonderful lots of people came to join us , we had lovely food and snacks  and also a lot to drink with friends  
First we went with Mari to reserve our spot for the Yadoya group a lot of people were already there the weather was very pleasant an the sakura were beautiful 
After shopping we sat, had our lunch and start the Hanami while waiting for the group to arrive.
Kampai Mari 
Then we had a very great time with everybody 
Ninja san even offer me a very nice treat 
After such a nice day in the park we decided to go the Karaoke and that was lots of fun 
We sang a lot of very nice songs and had a lot of fun 
minna arigatou gozaimashita 

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