Dear YADOYA Friends!

Dear all YADOYA friends,

We restart the staff blog again after we move the sever system.

This is not because of the earthquake but it`s also good to write blog now and we can introduce what`s going on here in Tokyo now from our point of view.

Our staff and volunteer staff working very hard to write on Blog or Facebook too.
I think that`s also good when we could show the information from foreigner living in Tokyo too. So time by time we will link there.

It`s still kind of difficult situation for the victim in North, also Fukushima nuclear plant. We keep watching what`s happening. But we are really fine and trying to enjoy our life as usual!

It was the begging of 10th year for YADOYA guesthouse on the 1st of April.
It became little bit unique start for us, and bit hard time as well.

Many of our guests left Tokyo, and we still don`t know how long dose it take for.

But I am thinking most important thing is how we spend the time in our life every single day, so just trying as much and also having a good time with our guests, staff and friends here.

I want to say thank you so much for everybody who support YADOYA Guesthouse for many years, staff, friends, and all the guests.

We will try to keep our operation as usual in our daily life and waiting for everyone will come to Tokyo and our guesthouse soon!

Anyway, we will write blogs here. This is the small information but you can see how is the LIFE in Tokyo now!

So please come and see us here too.

Mari Yamamoto / YADOYA Guesthouse

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