My name is Anne-Pierre I have been a guest 2 years ago in the Yadoya guest house in Nakano-ku Tokyo. I had such great memory and were so happy to meet great friends .

I leave and work usually in Scotland, but I have asked if I could join the Yadoya guesthouse as a volunteer when Mari san and Aki san say yes I was the happiest person in the all wild universe  so I have requested 3 sabbaticals month and arrive the 31 of March here in Tokyo.
Some of you might wounder why I choose to come after all the scary Medias informations. Well I have check the news from many countries and they were all so full of sensational except for some countries that were quiet mild after have sending their own scientist and their report were quiet instructive on the base that Tokyo is safe…
So my first evening I met with my friend and few guests from Scotland, Texas and French and we had a very nice evening enjoying each other company, dining and mostly being here in Tokyo 

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