Anne-Pierre Cafe Event!

Anne-Pierre Cafe at YADOYA Guesthouse for Backpackers!

She came to Tokyo after the earthquake to help us as an volunteer now.
Now, we start event “Anne-Pierre Cafe”.
She will cook every Tuesday.
All you need is:
500yen coin
Your own drink
You yourself!

Every Tuesday till the end of June.
Starting from about 18:30.

Now, many tourist and forefinger left, but we are still enjoying life here in Tokyo!
So you are more than welcome with any reason,
Lonely, Hungry, Boring, Just live in Neighbor, Interesting  YADOYA,
You don`t have to stay at YADOYA Guesthouse, you can just walk in and join us!

More details:

About YADOYA Guesthouse:

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