Natural Koenji

It could be training education that breeds the spirits of Japan. Koenji special place for bodies that are protesting in their unique ways to protect the natural ways of being.

These protest are no typical protest where you would witness violence and behaviors that is associated it with the sense of freedom and voicing your opinion but a sense of healing, responsibility and compassion.

These Koenji protests are expressed through the sense of being. It is express through how we dress our bodies, how we socialize and more so how we scream out our lungs on the stage. Keeping in mind that these hearts are the most gentle hearts with no sense of regret but a lot of patience.

My first venue 20,000Volt where I was invited by a very expressive gentleman. An introducing me during the performance melted my body rumbling with love and emotions. The music takes you through the journey of ever constant flow of life where we ask for healing.

The lyrics are often prayers where you feel the sense of connection with the surroundings.  A sense where you really feel home. A mother’s home where you always wanted to be with people who also understood this.

Things are dealt with morals and sense of respect. It melts my heart when I walk across Koenji seeing nature’s way surface through these bodies of Japan.

Koenji recycle not just old clothes but it retains its characters through social contact. I have a long lasting family that started with just responding back to a hello walking in a small street of Koenji.

During conversations there is trance and wisdom that you walked out evolved and transformed from patience and love of Koenji. A gentle magic of eye contact where you instantly fall in love.

Japan is the leading country when it gets to world unity and beyond. Japan needs to work towards to reversing its connection back to the Earth. To understand that this is our ancestors our mother. With having enough food on our plate, we can grow one with nature, animals and beyond its memory to understand our beginnings.

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