It was very real as it spoke to me in the deep quiet nights to come walk it’s ever evolving rumbling body. Japan as a living entity close to its core where it remains pure in the grounds.

Where everything is always transforming and growing there it has the need to call me. I see my walking feet as it has already been done but I still need to physically process it.

So I started my walk from Osaka to Fuji San. It contained mix of weather but, lack of all gear and pinch of faith in its invitation kept me very strong through rain, roaring sun and little sleep.

I finished 700 km as I climbed Fuji`s black body. It sits within its harmony.  The sun, rain and fog and their silence conveying its wisdom in my body to only release later on as if I  became so porous to receive and release when the time comes.

There are moment when I could predicts the conversations, understand what to come and what to become. It kept me on my feet strong and steady. It filled me with the connection to its womb as if I am finally home. Longed for this womb long time but Japan has given me my place in the world.

I called it “mama Japan” for releasing me to the nature and conquering my connection to the fertile seeds, that was waiting to blossom.

“I see it as a piece of charcoal that is a medium to remove toxins when you consume it”


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