↑This picture was download from the page of Bunkamura's website.
Golden week just finished, it was a busy peirod here. I'm so glad that I could had a day-off during the busy days, and went to an exhibition with my frined. Actually, I wasn't know about it, the exhibition, till my friend told me that she wants to see it, and she was keep telling me this is a special chance to see it this time here in Japan.

↑ Our tickets, you can purchase the ticket at the entrance of this exhibition.
Well, after the exhibition, I have to say, it is amazing! This exhibition is about Ukiyo-e(浮世絵), which is a technic popular about 200years ago. And all the prints are from the Kuniyoshi and Kunisada, chosen from the world-renowned Museum of Fine Arts, Boston's Pristine collection.

↑These 2 pictures were download from the page of Bunkamura's website.
It's not allowed to take any photo at the exhibition, therefore, I downloaded pictures from their website, because I want to show you what the exhibition is. From the website, you can see a few of the pictures of the works, but you can see 170 works at the exhibition. It's woodblock print works!
It wasn't too hard for me to understand the meanings from the works, at least I enjoyed. Some of the works are funny, some of them are scary, it's interesting that the works were popular 200years ago, and I could feel a part of their habit from these works.
*I do like some of the works, but unfortunately, they don't have it as a postcard to sell. Even there are many types of postcard, still not the one I want… Sad…
I didn't buy any goods at the shop, except from Gachapon(capsule toy), it's like a vending machine for small things or figures, that you have to put money inside, and turn the nob, then you will get 1 thing that you don't know till you open it. Yes, I'm going to sharing what I got from Gachapon, please see the photos below!

↑Goods of from Gachapon(capsule toy), 奇譚クラブ X KUNIYOSHI KUNISADA!
*3 types, but I have only 2 types here.
*Left side is a cat, you can see a lot of there, because Kuniyoshi loves cat, and had lots of works of cats as well.
*Right side is a Skeleton geta(骸骨下駄).
The cat, was the first thing I got!
It's worth than everying for me! I was so Happy that I was luckly enough to have it.

↑Goods of from Gachapon(capsule toy), 奇譚クラブ X KUNIYOSHI KUNISADA!
It is a magnet, and has 12 types. I love the one I got, it's one of the works I like during the exhibition as well.

↑This is the cat, you can see everywhere during the exhibition. You also can see this cat's good at shop.
If you are interested in this exhibition, please check the information below. The Bunkamura Museum is located at Shibuya area, very convenient and easy to reach, and spend your time.
********* INFORMATION *********
Exhibition name:
KUNITOSHI & KUNISADA (俺たちの国芳 わたしの国貞)
From the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Period: Saturday, March 19th – Sunday, June 5th, 2016
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 19:00 (Last addimission 18:30)
*Fridays & Saturdays 10:00 – 21:00 (Last addimission 20:30)
Addmission fee: 1500yen/adult
*All the works has English translation. But, it you need an Audio Guide(Japanese language only), it requires extra charge at the entrance, inside of the exhibition.
Location & Access: The Bunkamura Museum of Art
2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8507
*About 7min walk from Hachiko Exit of JR Shibuya station.
Website: http://www.ntv.co.jp/kunikuni/english/
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