↑ The Akasaka Palace(迎賓館赤坂離宮本館).
Yesterday, I went to the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace for a sigtseeing. It wasn't on my plan, I was random saw the news on the internet, and all the reviews/comments are saying it is so popular, you have to wake up early to get a entry ticket in the morning, and it is for Main building and Main Garden, and the entry charge is 1000yen(adult).
Entry ticket has a limited, only 3000 persons a day, 1/3 tickets for individual visitor who applied in advance(12:00~ & 14:00~), 1/3 tickets for groups(13:00~ & 15:00~), and last part of 1/3 for day visitors who get it from the front gate(10:00~ & 11:00~).
*If you just want to see the Front Garden, it is Free from 10:00 to 17:00(reception closed at 16:30).

↑ My entry ticket! I got it at 8:10 in the morning.
*I read on the internet, ticket was finished early on the busy day, not sure which day, but I guess it may be Saturday or Sunday.

↑ My entry ticket shows my number is 99, which means already 98 persons arrived before me!

↑This map was downloaded from the page of Public Opening of the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace.
*It's about 7min walk from Yotsuya station(四ッ谷駅), it doesn't matter from which line, because it costs same time. You just need to figure out your way to the Front Gate, then it will be easier.
The Entrance for Main builiding is setting at West Gate. They only allowed guest who has ticket to enter it.
After that, you will see a very very long queue…

↑ Waiting for metal and baggage check… It's same as airport, bags under X-ray, and people through the metal detector.
*Large luggage/suitcase cannot be brought it.
*If you have a bottle of drink, will require you to drink a little bit in front of them.

↑ After metal and baggage check, you have to buy a ticket, which is 1000yen for an adult.
*English buttons and Japanese buttons only.

↑ You can rent a Audio Guide on the way, it is 200yen.
*Audio guide has Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean languages, please ask the staff at Audio rental desk.
It is not allowed to take a photo inside of the building, even cannot hold a phone or camera with you. You have to hide it or put it in your bag/pocket, therefore, I have put the link from their website, it is a video of the Main building of State Guest House, Akasaka Palace & Front Garden(English Version):
The Akasaka Palace(迎賓館赤坂離宮本館) was registered as a national treasure in 2009, and has been open to public since 1975 for 10 days a year during a summer period. Due to received good feedbacks from the opening period of February,  they started again on 19th of April, and will try to make it as public opening whole year in the future.
At the moment, Opening schedule has been decided to 21st of June. New schedule after 21st, will be announced as soon as it is decided.

↑Me at Main Garden.
Unfortunately, I couln't see Yushintei The Annex of the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace(迎賓館赤坂離宮和風別館) this time. It's only accept registered in advance, and you will receive a "Visit Certificate" by email once you are granted by one week before your visit day. It's only allowed 120 persons a day, and the enter charge is 1500yen(adult).
I  have sent my application, and hoping I will have the chance to receive the Visite Certificate!
A video of Yushintei The Annex of the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace(English Version): http://nettv.gov-online.go.jp/eng/prg/prg4264.html

↑It's my post card with a special version of stamp!
*Overseas postcard uaually costs 70yen, but they don't have it there, instead, they have the special one for Akasaka Palace, which is 82yen. For me, it is perfect, because I only need 1 stamp, not a set of 10…

↑My tour finished, and you will leave from the Main Gate. It's my last photo of Akasaka Palace, I took it when I leave.
*There is another metal & baggage check at Front Gate, it is for guest who only visit Front Garden.
********* INFORMATION *********
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