I have never experienced a group a people more excited about Halloween until I arrived in Japan. The fun loving people that roam the streets had been dressing up in costumes around Shibuya & Shinjuku all week, so I knew the main event on October 31st was going to be for the record books.
Starting with dinner in Roppongi we were determined to find some of the best costumes & Halloween Lovers. I found these living dead prisoners. Every prisoner needs a good last meal I guess. 🙂

After dinner it was time to hit the streets, or maybe crawl through the happy crowds.

Then time to cross the street to find a bar

Found plenty of people in costumes ready for photoshoots

As it was still kind of early in the night, it was time to hit the streets once again to see what people were getting into

Just when I thought I was ready to get off the happenin' streets again…This HAPPENED!!!!!!!:

Getting back to the Hostel in the early morning hours, and after some well deserved sleep, we all meet in the common lounge to have a group recovery and re-exam our night… and our lives 🙂

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