Welcome back to visit us, Melissaハート!!!
And we did it! We finally had a night life experience here before you leave Japan!

↑Kabukicho(歌舞伎町) has a very big sign at night now!
Actually, we were talking about this special area 2 years ago when we were working together at YADOYA.
After we know that she's coming back for a short visiting this time, Mari san and I were thinking, we should try to go to there when she is here.
Mari san is amazing, her friend, who is working in that area, arranged everying for usきらきら.

↑On the way from JR Shinjuku station to Kabukicho, we found a Donkey Kong!
We went to Mari san's friend's place first, and a staff from there took us to a host club.
This is my first experience in a host club, and the person who took us to the host club, he was very curious about why we want to go… Well, you know, this is the special culture(!?) here in Japan, and both of us are a fan of Japanese culture, included this kind of experience! That's the reason why we have to go there and check what it is.
In the beginning, before you enter to the shop, they will check your age first!
Therefore, please bring a ID or passport with you.
After, they will host you to your table.
They have different kind of ways to charge the fee, and we were just first time(beginner), I'm not really rememebr 2 hours or 1.5hours. It was a bottle of Shochu(Soju!? a kind of alcohol) on a table, and we can ask any of soft drink on the menu, then they will mix it with Shochu for us.
There is a photo album on the table as well, it is a menu of all the host from the shop, their personal information too. You can choose one if you like, and of course they will charge you some money as an assign fee. I don't know how much it will be, because it was our first time at this kind of place, and all the things are arranged already.
First round, we have 3 host sitting in front of us, they will give you their name card first to introuduce theirselves,  and during the time, they will talking/chatting with you, make you feel happy, and they will serve you a drink or many drinks(depends on how fast you drink), and take care all the table things for you, for example, glass cup may has some water on it becasue cold drink inside, they will wipe it first and pass it to you before you take it. Also, they will have a drink with you. After maybe 30min or more, they will say thank you to you, and will have Second round host come to your table, same as first round but different members. 
We had 3 round in a total, and I have received many name cards from them. We have many food left on the table, it was yummy and free from Mari san's friend. And before we leave the place, each person need to choose one favorite host by your own, then this person will take your personal bag or things and host you till you enter to elevator. Well, they treat you as a princess, and make you happy during you are there.
They basically only speak in Japanese, therefore, it was little bit hard for Melissa to experience it alone actually. But a very nice experience for all of us!

↑&↓ We took a photo with our first round host きゃvネコ.

注意 If you would like to take a photo with them, or even just a photo of the place, must be asking them first.
After host club, we went to a kareoke カラオケ in Kabukicho area. It was Melissa's last night in this trip. We had costumes for free, you can choose whatever you like at cosply corner, and return it after you finish it.

↑Melissa is so cute!!! She is in a white sheep.
She is a really good singer, she has her own band in Germany.

↑Mari san was in Tanuki costume, and me in Pink Bunny!

↑I did a very good job to make some background sound(!?) LOL

↑Ohhh, did you notice it! I changed my costume to Tanuki!
I love this costume so much!
It is my special experience at Shinjuku Kabukicho, although they(host club and host) were not exactly as my image what I know from TV drama, but it is real, exist and srotes are running everyday, that's a kind of night life here and their way to live for almost 50years, I mean host club.
Once in Host club is enough for me, and that is what I want to know about this secret area. I'm really happy that I had an experience in a host club for the different culture experience here in Japan.
Karaoke is a different culture experience here, and it is cheaper than a host club. lol
If you have time duing your stay in Japan, please try at least once if you love singing. Different Karaoke shop has different style, the one we went to has free custome to rental, it was pretty fun for me!手
Alice バラ
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