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This is Alice, haven't post any for a long time… kyu
Last Friday, we had a Yukata event at YADOYA.浴衣
We start to wear Yukata from 10:30, and we leave our guesthouse around noon time(12:00), back to YADOYA around 15:00. The tour was nice with many things, and especially we had lots of personal Yukata photo. Our manager, Mari san, she was our cameraman(camerawoman & Guide) to show us around.

↑We took some photos in front of YADOYA office at main branch, and we did selfie as well!camera

↑Can you recognized where we were? YES! We were in front of Nakano Broadway!
On the way, from Nakano station to Nakano Broadway, many people stop by just watching us, and talking to us they are surprised to see we are in Yukata. They all very friendly! ハート
And after Nakano Broadway, we walked through Ai Road, which has a handmade candy shop, PAPABUBBLE!

↑Handmade now!

↑Fashion stytle shop, and they provide some kind of candy on the counter for taste.
On the way to Araiyakushi Temple(新井薬師), we saw a crew standby at the corner, and some cute actresses are waiting there as well. We don't know their name, but all I can say is, they are really cute! ハート

↑This is at Araiyakushi Temple(新井薬師).
The weather was perfect when we were walking outside, it was very warm(hot!?)
So, after the tour, before we back to YADOYA, we were in a Japanese style sweet shop at Sunmall.

↑Waiting for our ice, and keep taking photo as always!

↑When we arrived YADOYA, it was amazing big raining…
We know, we were so lucky to have a wonderful day in Yukata!ハート

↑I was join the tour, and the other staffs were at office for working and cleaning!
Look, we all in Japanese style cloth! 浴衣

↑I love this photo, they are so cute and funny! 手
Summer season just finished, and Yukata event for this year is also finished.
If you are interested in Yukata/Kimono trying, please follow us on Facebook Fan page!

↑By the way, this was our flyer for the Yukata Tour event last week!
And here is the report of us on Nakano Keizai Shinbun(中野経済新聞).
Hope, I will post more information or interesting things soon for everyone!
And if you have any idea of culture trying event, please let us know as well!
Alice バラ
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