I recently took a trip to Kochi in Shikoku to visit my grandparents I hadn`t seen in over a decade. After living in Tokyo for a month the change of pace was pretty jarring,  but it was a good opportunity to see a different perspecitve of Japan. Kochi is a much quieter place and bit removed from other places in Japan. Unless you are going to Kochi specifically, it is unlikely you will end up there. The landscape there is really beautiful and has a decent sized downtown area so you can easily go from city to forest in just a few minutes. 
   One of the more famous places in Kochi is Katsurahama.  It is known for it`s beaches, monuments, shops and aquarium. I went with my grandparents and it was the first time they had gone in years despite living so close. 

(View from one of the few different staircases)

(Katsurhama beach revealing itself through the trees)

(My grandparents still lively and happy)
   We also went to the Kochi Castle which I highly recommend if you get the chance. It`s a huge fortress in the middle of the city and you can get a 360 degree aerial view from the top. My grandpa complained about how he can`t run down the huge flights of stairs anymore despite being 86 years old. He was still hopping down steps so he`s doing fine. Capturing the size of the Kochi Castle and its land is difficult to do in photos. Here are two photos for reference.

(I can`t take credit for these photos)
   After relaxing in Kochi for a week, I started to miss the liveliness of Tokyo and came back. If you happen to be in Shikoku I would higly recommend a weekend trip to Kochi City!
– Kenji
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