My life is fairly uneventful at this time since I'm waiting to start my job as an English teacher in a couple of weeks. Tokyo however waits for no one, there's always something interesting going on in this city. 
Akihabara an area in Tokyo that is famous for the many electric shops in the area, but in recent years this area has become the centre of the otaku-culture and you can now find tons of shops dedicated to manga and anime. This will most likely be one of your first stops in Tokyo, I know it was high up on my list with places to visit. 

Japan's biggest sexshop 
In Akihabara you will also find M's shop, a SEVEN floor sex shop where you can find anything from maid outfits to sex toys you couldn't even imagine existed. If you allow the staff to take a photo of you in one of their costumes you will get a 20% discount. So what are you waiting for? Your inner animecharacter is calling for you, will you take the call?

Don Quijote
Or Donki Hote as the pronounciation goes in Japan. These shops have nearly everything, from electronics, food and clothes to costumes and piercings. Don Quijote can be found throughout Japan, but the one in Akihabara is unique since it has a theatre and houses live performances 6 days a week. If you're into Japanese pop culture, this is the place to go. 

Super Potato
This is a must for every fan of retro games. I haven't had the chance to visit this shop myself yet, but the legend says it's a three story department store selling any and all types of retro games – to what they claim to be almost affordable prices. If it's an old game, chances are this is where you'll find it.

I bid you goodbye and good luck on your quest whatever it may be. Sayonara mate!
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