On the surface, Japan seems to maintain a very formal and clean cut atmosphere, but the amount of depth under the surface is seemingly infinite. I've only been in Tokyo for a little bit, but I've already managed to catch a bit of various sub-cultures that I haven't seen anywhere else. I come from a creative background revolving around weird music, goofy cars and sometimes art. Therefore, those are the categories I have searched for so far. 
Initially, it can be kind of difficult to track down all the events that are going on in a busy metropolis like Tokyo. In regards to music, I found a good starting point to be http://www.tokyogigguide.com/. A variety of different shows are listed on here from arena-rock shows to the most inaccessible noise you can listen to. I managed to catch an famous experimental – grindcore band from Tokyo called Melt-Banana. They played in a venue near the Koiwa station (accessible via Chuo-Sobu Line) called BushBash. When I arrived to BushBash I thought I walked into the wrong place because it was too quiet and there were about 8 people sitting around in a large smokey bar. I knew there was supposed to be a doom-metal band from Norway playing when I arrived, and yet I heard nothing. There was one person working the front door to reassure me I was at the right place and sold me a ticket that included one free drink. The bar tender gave me a beer and told me that the show was in the other room. The moment I opened the door there was the deafening sound of the metal band playing in a room that was completely isolated from the outside world. The metal band was okay, but Melt-Banana was equally bizarre as they were impressive. Melt-Banana was just a guitarist, a singer and a wall of amps. Despite having only two members, they managed to create music that was so dense that it was borderline sensory overload. If you have any interest, you can listen to their newest album "Fetch". Even if you have no idea who's playing, I would highly recommend just going to a random show to see what you might come across as there are tons of phenomenal and creative artists in Japan.

(Melt-Banana at BushBash, not my photo)
For those of you interested in car culture, you may know that Japan has a very elaborate car scene that is just as varied as the music you can find here. I lucked out and was able to go to the JCCA Classic Car Festival New Year Meeting in Odaiba. The attention to detail, the wide range of vehicles, the creativity and dedication put into the vehicles at this event were far beyond any other car show I had attended before. Even going to the event parking lot for the show goers becomes a car show in itself. The cars ranged from the incredibly rare and valuable, to weird creations, to race cars and there were even the occassional bosozoku cars as well. There are many car meets happening frequently and I intend to attend more when I get the chance.

(Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo to show the size of the event.)
Regardless of your interests, you can be reassured that there is an expansive sub culture on any subject that you can think of within Japan. I know I've just scratched the surface of what's here, and I intend to keep digging deeper to see what else I can find, and perhaps if I'm lucky I can get involved as well.
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